Additional Services


Mary Richardson is my professional framer and she works out of my lab. She has been with me for eighteen years and has received extensive training from me on methods and techniques for conservation framing.

The advantage of having Mary’s services in my lab means that valuable artwork does not have to leave and go to a frame shop. It also means that I have the opportunity to oversee all framing associated with the artwork that I treat. We have a selection of simple frame moldings on hand and can order other profiles as needed.

For more detailed information on the conservation framing process and her other services, please visit Mary’s website at

Storage Boxes

Aside from excellent framing skills, Mary has an extensive background in the fabrication of archival storage boxes and containers for a wide variety of collection materials. Her hand work is exquisite and attention to detail superb. She has worked in the field of box fabrication for the fine art book industry for over twenty years including special projects for the famous Stinehour Press and nationally known book artist Claire Van Vliet of the Janus Press.


Fletcher Manley, formally of the Stinehour Press, is available to take high-quality, digital photographic reproductions of your artwork, documents, and certificates. Clients may work directly with him and I’m happy to transport and supervise the photo shoots for a small fee.