Photo Documentation Process

After the artwork has been approved for treatment by the client, it is photographed digitally on the recto and verso.  This provides the conservator as well as the client with an image that documents the current condition of the artwork prior to treatment.  The current condition is also spelled out in the detailed technical examination.

         Before Treatment Recto                              Before Treatment Verso


            After Treatment Recto                              After Treatment Verso


Once the treatment is completed, the final after treatment photographs are taken to record the changes that have taken place.  The visual process is a good way to assess the success of a treatment.  In some instances, less is more, and the photograph will show that the artwork has been stabilized and no visible changes were made.

If any questions should arise about a treatment, the photography is a level field for both the conservator and client from which to work.  The conservator is obligated to keep the photographs for as long as he/she is in practice and the photos may be requested by the client for a small fee.

All client photographs are backed up with an external hard drive as well as a hard copy of the image is maintained in an archival photo album in the conservator’s lab.