Workshops & Surveys


In 1995, I was hired by the Vermont Museum and Gallery Alliance (VMGA) as their part-time project manager.  VMGA was a non-profit focused on the care of collections in small, rural historical societies throughout Vermont.  During the nine years I was with the organization, I gave many workshops focused on collections specific issue such as “How to Care for Paintings”, “Storage Solutions for 3-Dimensional Objects”, “Care and Handling of Textile Collections”, and “Environmental Monitoring for Museum Collections” to name a few.

I can put together a proposal for work for your institution on any topical workshop as well as make suggestions as to where to look for funding to have workshops carried out at your organization.


With VMGA, I would go on-site to a small historical society and assess the current condition of their collections and make recommendations for best practices based on national standards.

I currently carry out surveys for the Heritage Preservation Conservation Assessment Program (CAP) and have completed over twenty such surveys around New England.  If you’re interested in applying for CAP, go to the Heritage Preservation website and sign up for the program.  Please consider me to be your conservation surveyor for your institutional assessment.